Neolait, nutrition for all your needs.

If you love challenges in this rapidly changing world, join us

People at the heart of the company

As we are convinced of the importance of men and women in the success and performance of our company, our policy is structured around a significant training investment for everyone at every stage.

We provide our staff with development opportunities within our different departments and an attractive and stimulating salary policy.

Shared passions

A certain interest in the professions in the agricultural world and contact with the people who are involved in this field, are the qualities we are looking for. Independent and hardworking, Neolait opens its doors to those who love to meet their challenges.

Green day 2014, every year, Neolait staff get together for a day of sharing.

Video Gallery

Bolus Prepalac 3.5

Bolus for the start of lactation


Bolus Heel 2.0

The nutritional solution to secure against lameness


Bolus Vitality 1.40

The first bi-phase bolus on the market


Neolysa Liver Protect

The premium liver protection