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Meeting today’s challenges


In a context where we need to improve performance and where market norms are stricter everyday, the success of your farm depends on how you will manage these key steps. Nutrition is one of the best tool farmers can utilize. Our 100% nutritional poultry products will help you overcome these daily challenges.

Our products have been specifically designed to cover specific challenges (dehydration, growth, immunity, liver support, respiratory, eggshell quality) and are given during a short period. They can be distributed directly to animals through drinking water.

The right solution for each nutritional objective


Rapidly available energy, electrolytes, minerals, betaine and fast energy.
Prevents dehydration and boosts animals during hot periods.

Group B vitamins and Chelated trace elements.
Acts as a general booster for strategic or delicate phases like starter, rapid growth, or stressful periods.

Mixoligo™ +
Trace elements and minerals.
Prevents minerals and trace elements deficiencies and stimulates the mineralization (bone and eggshell).

Neopoultry™ Active
Helps to improve absoption of calcium
Assists with the growth and formation of normal healthy bones and shell.

Hepato-protective, draining, and detoxifying agents.
Restores liver and digestive functions to stimulate appetite and improves feed efficiency.

Blend of vitamins from B group.
Support for nutritional imbalances during a feed transition.

Polychoc™ B+
Blend of vitamins from B group.
Stimulates reproductive functions and improves skin and feather quality.

The ultimate blend of plants extracts to support respiratory functions.
For a better respiration and resistance, improves survivability and reduces mortality.

Organic acids, acid salts and regulators of water intake
Improves digestive comfort, growth performances and litter quality