Different specialities for distinct objectives

Solutions to answer key phases

Reaching your breeding objectives is a priority. Our range of nutritional specialities aims to meet the specific needs of animals during physiological stages and critical breeding periods (lactation, reproduction…). Choosing a Neolait nutritional solution guarantees you a constantly evolving composition due to our ongoing research into improved farming performance whilst complying with legislative requirements. For each solution, our experts focus on zootechnical results. Experiments are carried out on reference farms, to ensure complete effectiveness of our products while ensuring they bring you total satisfaction.

A full range of different products

Young animals

Powder electrolyte to prevent from dehydration, provide a strong energy shot, highly palatable (Calves, lambs, kids, piglets, foals).

Improve digestive security and intestinal health.

Neostrum™ Ig
Colostrum supplementation for young calves.


To prevent hypocalcemia, supply calcium and magnesium at calving.

Hepato-protective, draining and detoxifying agents restore liver and digestive functions to stimulate appetite and improves feed efficiency.

Energetic support to prevent ketosis (no MPG).

Liver Protect
To prevent ketosis (in pellet), restore liver and digestive functions.

Prevent Ketosis (curative more than preventive).

Turbovit™ Total
Preparing cow to reproduction and calving.

To decrease cell count in milk.

Neolisya™ Actirumen
To prevent acidosis or dietary transition.

Neolisya™ O2
The ultimate blend of plants extracts to support respiratory functions.