The choice of expertise and quality for your mineral solutions

Meeting the animals needs with appropriate mineral supplementation

An appropriate mineral supplementation plays an essential part in the health of your herd (reproduction, ingestion, production, calving, immunity). We offer different mineral options combining quality and efficiency. They will meet your objectives and the nutritional needs of your animals, whatever their physiological cycles.



of our formulas and controlled by our certified laboratory


of our solutions both in form and in the purpose of the product


tested and validated on reference farms

Self-serving supplementation: technical and convenient


With its range of buckets and lick blocks, we make it possible for you to:

  • Cover all mineral element requirements in a self-serving approach.
  • Ensure the distribution of minerals and micro-nutrients thanks to an easy-to use supplement.
  • Provide the necessary supplements throughout the season and adapt to changing requirements.
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Noduline™, Neolait’s patented expertise


Thanks to a specific technological process and rigorous raw material selection procedures, Neolait sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive range of Noduline™ mineral. This presentation, which is unique on the market, provides farmers with the ideal grain size to ensure regular distribution, as well as rich nutritional quality.