A concentration of technology

A practical, technical, and economical approach


The bolus is a nutritional solution that is attracting an increasing number of farmers because it is a practical, technical and economical way of ensuring that the herd’s mineral requirements are met. In a single application, all requirements can be covered for a few hours up to a few months (depending on the formula). The release guarantees that each animal receives a daily supply.


A bolus-based approach saves time and avoids waste. A bolus is, first, a way of controlling mineral diffusion over time and the precise nature of feed supplements. At Neolait, each bolus is subjected to disintegration tests in the laboratory as well as at the experimental site. They are approved on the basis of baseline farming techniques (weighing, blood tests…).

We have been creating boluses since 1992 and we have become the undeniable leader on the French and international market.

A bolus range that responds to all the problems associated with herd rearing

Our bolus range is the most extensive on the market and perfectly reflects the animal nutritional objectives., Bolus disintegration can range from 1 hour 30 minutes to 250 days.

The range therefore responds to several different objectives, such as growth whilst grazing, dry-off and lactation…

Bolus Stage Animals Nutritional objective Release time
Activ After calving Dairy cows, heifers Reduce of hypophosphatemia 1 hour
Excell Heifers 300-500 kg, Beef cows, dairy cows, grazing Heifers and cattle (>200kg) Long-term source of trace elements and vitamins for grazing animals 250 days
Flash Calving Dairy cows Reduce risk of milk fever (hypocalcemia) 90 mn
Heel 2.0 Beginning of lactation, locomotion Extra cattle 200kg Long-term source of trace elements and vitamins for grazing animals 150 days
Junior Calves 100-300 kg in grazing Calves (>80kg) Long-term source of trace elements and vitamins for grazing animals 250 days
Mg Flash Calving Dairy cows, Meat cows and heifers Reduce risk of hypomagnesia 6 hour
Prepalac 3.5 First 6 weeks of lactation Dairy cows Reduced risk of ketosis and better start of lactation 8 days
Refresh Reproduction Dairy cows and Meat cows Support for the detection of heat and reproduction 10 days
Vitality 1.40 Peripartum, somatic cell number and milk production Dairy cows Reduced number of somatic cells and increased milk production 40 days