Bedding and soil dryer solution

A dry bed for a clean environment

Proper sanitation of animals’ facilities and bedding is fundamental to optimizing production quality and increasing cleanliness and comfort. Clarex™ is used as a bedding and soil dryer for cattle, pigs, or poultry. Its composition allows it to ensure a high moisture retention potential and to improve environmental conditions in cattle operations.
It’s 100 % natural phosphate-free dryer with the following objectives :


  • Desiccating action
    • Absorbent, fine-grain particles, and a 150 % water absorption capacity.
    • Clay ensures perfect coverage of the surface to be dried. 
  • Bacteriostatic action
    • Limits the development of pathogens in the bedding.
    • Eucalyptus essential oil, along with a strong absorption capacity, leads to a strong bacteriostatic effect. 
  • Ammonia retention action
    • Desiccating plant tissue with natural fibers.