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Solutions for poultry

Neolait, the french reference in animal nutrition as its best

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With nearly 80 years of experience in animal nutrition, we have developed our expertise by meeting the needs of farmers and their animals and providing them with innovative and high-end quality product, as well as best service.

  • Whatever the production types, we will always find the perfect solution that will make it possible for you to improve your herd and thereby your profitability.
  • With the help of a dedicated team of expert in marketing, customer relations and nutritional engineers, everything is possible to achieve together the best results.
  • We have built, throughout the years, a solid and lasting relationship with our clients based on trust and mutual respect. Today, we are the trusted partner to 100 distributors in more than 60 countries.

A wide offering with high end performance products

Farming performance is based on success in certain stages that require specific nutritional supplies. For all type of production, there is a solution to help you to improve your farming and thus, boost your profits.

Our range of liquid specialitiesfor poultry is comprised of a range of a selection of products that meet both specific and overall needs. We also offer preventive and curative solutions from the chick stage to the adult stage with breeding hens in between.

Bolus is a practical, technical and cost-effective solution to provide the herd with the essential nutritional items. With only one application, animals needs can be met, whether for a few hours or many months depending on the formulas.

Because problems are different depending on the herd and the specific objectives, we offer a range of mineral feed that meets all the animal needs.

We have developped a specific range of dedicated solutions to help you perform in pig production.

We believe that working with the right parner is key for success. We, at Neolait, help you build that sucess.