R&D at the service of innovation and quality

Anticipate the future expectations of farmers

Our teams work towards excellency by meetings the needs of farmers and their animals & providing them with innovative and high-end quality products.

Our research & development department design new solutions using latest scientific publications and recent technologies. They then carry out feasibility tests on the industrial tool. Zootechnical experiments are also carried out on reference farms, to ensure complete effectiveness of the product.

When specific, experimental equipment with more refined measurements is needed for the tests, experiments are carried out in the CARGILL Research and Innovation Centres. The results are published and attest to the relevance of the suggested innovations. Patents are regularly filed.

Very hands-on process to ensure the highest quality

Our commitment to offer you high end quality products that meet the nutritional objectives of your animals is among our priorities. This approach is based on the total control of our manufacturing process guarantees the traceability and a complete transparency of the products we offer.

The sourcing of raw materials is carried out according to detailed specifications from top suppliers.


Our own certified laboratory operates stringent quality control upon reception of raw materials, and after manufacture of end products.


HACCP* methodology is implemented on all production lines.

*HACCP : Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

ECO friendly production to reduce the negative impact on our environment.

Our analytical laboratory


The laboratory in Yffiniac is an essential player in this industrial process. Equipped with the latest essential equipment, its analyses minerals, forages, undesirable heavy metals, vitamins or organic molecules, etc. Our laboratory is accredited according to NF EN ISO/CEI 17025, accreditation Testing No. 1-2455, scope available on www.cofrac.fr