Neolait, nutrition for all your needs.

Nutritional specialities for ruminants

Solutions for all types of farm

Leader on the nutritional solutions market, Neolait develops direct modern farming requirements and objectives. Herd performance is dependant on successful key phases (lactation, reproduction…). Each of these key stages requires a specific nutritional intake.

Different specialities for distinct objectives

Whatever the production type (cattle, goats, sheep…), there is a solution available that will make it possible for you to improve your herd and thereby your profitability. 

Neolysa, the range of specialities for ruminants

But also, discover a full range of different products that can meet all your objectives

Results controlled by our experts

For each of these solutions, our experts focus first and foremost on zoo-technical results.

Our products are tested before being launched, and are also tested in the field to ensure that our solutions provide complete satisfaction. 

Choosing a Neolait nutritional solution guarantees you a constantly evolving composition due to our ongoing research into improved farming performance whilst complying with legislative requirements.

Video Gallery

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Bolus Prepalac 3.5

Bolus for the start of lactation


Bolus Heel 2.0

The nutritional solution to secure against lameness


Bolus Vitality 1.40

The first bi-phase bolus on the market


Neolysa Liver Protect

The premium liver protection