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R&D, to ensure innovation and quality

An on-going drive for innovation leads Neolait to stand out in the market and to acquire new customers. A team of R&D engineers enables us to run our research programs in close collaboration with the other departments within our company and various experts in animal nutrition.

Designing new products

Incorporating the contribution of recent scientific publications for the formulation, the product development is carried out in the Design Office with feasibility tests on the industrial tool. Then zootechnical validation takes place and usability tests on farms.

Research work with the CARGILL Group and INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research)

Zootechnical experiments are carried out on reference farms. When specific, experimental equipment with more refined measurements is needed for the tests, experiments are carried out in the CARGILL Research and Innovation Centres and/or at INRA. The results are published and attest to the relevance of the suggested innovations. Patents are regularly filed.

Office of design and modelling process

An innovation accelerator: enables the study of mixing powders, their homogeneity and their capacity for compression, in order to improve the industrial process and the zootechnical efficacy of the additives.

High quality products.

They are the result of controlling the different stages between the purchase of the raw materials and the release of the product from the factories. For this purpose, Neolait has put in place: 

– Particular specifications based on the suitability of the raw material for the manufacturing process: grain size distribution, reactivity, solubility, density, ORAC, etc.

– Controlled manufacturing processes.

– Stringent quality control upon receipt of the raw materials and after the manufacture of the products.

– Stability tests to check the efficacy of the additives until consumed by the animal.

Our analytical laboratory 

Equipped with the latest essential equipment, the laboratory analyses minerals, forages, undesirable heavy metals, vitamins or organic molecules, etc. Our laboratory is accredited according to NF EN ISO/CEI 17025, accreditation Testing No. 1-2455, scope available on

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