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28 August 2020

Neolait range gets successful in Russia.

From left to right : Olga Sarantseva, sales manager of Lafeed company – Neolait distributor in Russia, Danilov Vladimir Petrovich technical Director at SPK Jdanovsky, Saltanov Gleb, Development Director of Lafeed company – Neolait distributor in Russia, Olga Morozova – East Europe export manager Neolait

Interview of Danilov Vladimir Petrovich, SPK Jdanovsky dairy farm technical Director about the use of Neolait products.

SPK Jdanovsky dairy farm was founded in 1959 and is located in Nijni Novgorod region, at 450 km from Moscow. 64 people are working at the farm, including 8 people specialized in milking robot. SPK Jdanovsky has been working for more than six years with Lafeed, (Neolait distributor in Russia) and has been using Neolait products for 2 years.

Danilov Vladimir Petrovich has been working for 7 years in the farm, he is managing all technical aspects: such as feed, vets topics, automatized miking, ect. It is with great pleasure that he has agreed to share his secrets of success with us.

Currently, 1320 dairy cow are on the farm, technical performances are very high, average milking production is 10 400 kg milk per lactation. 20% of the cows are doing 6 to 7 milking periods, sometimes more. The first artificial insemination (AI)  is done at 13 months to heifers between 360 to 380 kg. The average somatic cell count is from  120 000 to 135 000 per herd. At the beginning, the flock consisted of a local black and white cow, gradually it has shifted to be now mainly with Holstein breed. “Currently, 92% of the Herd is Holstein” says Danilov. “We do not transform the milk at the farm, all the milk produced is sent to the milk factory Wimm-Bill-Dann (PepsiCo company)”. Having his own milk processing activity is too costly for a farm whereas good quality milk leads to interesting selling price. Average milk price is around 30 to 35 rubles per liter (430€ to 510 €/ 1000 L) (in 2017).

Even if the farm has some agricultural space, all the feed needed cannot be totally produced on farm. The farm is near the industrialized city of Nijni-Novgorod and  only has a few arable land nearby. At the moment, SPK Jdanosky  on its 1200 hectares, is exclusively producing forages: silage and hay mainly  from alfalfa. The other crop is maize silage on 700 to 750 hectares.  All other type of feeds are externally sourced. There are a mixed forage unit and an extruder on the farm.

Each year, the farm is selling around 300 pure breed heifers to other farms per year. The heifer orders are done two years ahead because the farm is Holstein referenced.

How Neolait products helps to improve zootechnical results:

The farm mainly buys two products: Bolus Start, a bolus to prevent ketosis and maximize the milking peak and Nutrizan to avoid calf diarrhea. 

Prior to use the bolus Start, at 3 days post calving, 1 to 2% of cow showed ketosis sign.  High yield cows were often the ones affected. Danilov Vladimir says: ”obviously, our technicians have intended to solve the issue trying different things such as glycerol, propylene glycol, ect. But the use of the bolus has been identified as the easiest and the most effective solution. Now, the farm has set up a prevention plan with Start Bolus, according to the ketosis risk of animals. 2 Start Bolus are given to identified cows. At 5 or 7 days post calving, cows go out from maternity area to be back in the herd. Prior to leave the maternity, every cow are checked by a vet, at this stage all cows received a bolus as a prevention. Therefore, the cows identified as very sensitive ketosis receive up to 3 bolus whereas the ones that seems healthy enough. Thanks to this protocol, the farm has nearly got rid of ketosis issue at calving. 

SPK Jdanovsky dairy farm also uses Nutrizan, it helps to prevent calf feed diarrhea. At two days, calves are fed with fermented milk. At 11 days, when the milk doses increases, 15 to 20 % of the calves can have diarrhea. “We have tried several things, to overcome this situation. Nutrizan is the most effective solution from a technical and economical perspective. Calves with diarrhea are fed milk and 70g of Nutrizan, twice a day from 2 to 3 days. After 3 days with Nutrizan, the diarrhea is stopped”.

SPK Jdanovsky has also tried Polytonal Forty Phyt syringes to calf that had anemia and get very good results. The farm is looking forward to getting the product, once the registration process to export to Russia will be completed.

A farm of 1320 Dairy cow on 1200 hectare

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