Neolait, nutrition for all your needs.

Mastering every step in the process

Our Production site

Production unit: Yffiniac in Brittany (Côte d’Armor, 22) manufacturing mineral feed, liquid feed and nutritional supplements.

Logistics breakdown

Logistics platform in Baudrières (Saône et Loire, 71)

Logistics platform in Rodez (Midi-Pyrénées, 12)

Mastering the manufacturing process with powerful tools

Production and packaging lines make it possible to produce and package all the presentations (powder, Noduline™, granules, compressed blocks, pastes and liquids) that we market in a range that goes from 1 ton big-bags to 25 kg bags, from 1 kg buckets to 1,000 litres IBCs via 1 litre jerry cans.

Every year, our factories produce:

Innovations and monitoring farming results 

Research laboratory for tests and quality control.

Organisation of deliveries

We deliver daily, all over France, to our clients with our own fleet of trucks, and our dairy consultant can deliver directly to the farm. 

1 fleet of 15 trucks

Every year, 64,000 tons delivered, 30,000 direct deliveries, 6,500 warehouses served.

Video Gallery

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Bolus Prepalac 3.5

Bolus for the start of lactation


Bolus Heel 2.0

The nutritional solution to secure against lameness


Bolus Vitality 1.40

The first bi-phase bolus on the market


Neolysa Liver Protect

The premium liver protection