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Assets for greater economic efficiency

Management of suckler cow herds

Suckler cows are usually managed extensively but more and more farmers are seeking returns on investment and are more precise in the way they conduct the key management periods.

  • Preparation for calving: to ensure optimum calving conditions and maximise the calves' immune defences.
  • Starting for calves: a good start will make better growth possible and reduce the time taken for growth.
  • Return to reproduction: good uterine involution is important for ensuring a fast return to reproduction and shortening unproductive periods as much as possible.

The key points for nutrition
Accurate, specific supplementation during the critical phases is indispensable. During the preparation for calving it is necessary to ensure the calf's growth and thus the production of colostrum. A good start to milk production is also necessary to ensure good development for the calf from the early days. This involves suitable mineralisation for the cow and specific supplementation for the young calf from the first hours of life. Return to reproduction will be all the faster if the cover for mineral, trace element and vitamin requirements is complete.

 After weaning fattening performance will be determinant in ensuring that the unit is profitable. Making the best use of the feed ration will be necessary.

Neolait solutions

Neolait offers various nutritional solutions to cover all production phases:

  • Féro-phosphat™ VA: a range of minerals specifically formulated to meet the needs of suckler cows.
  • Promix™: feed ration upgraders to improve growth performance in fattening.
  • Hydrane™: specific nutritional solutions for calves from the earliest days.
  • Dietevit™, Impulsion™: mineral and trace element supplementation solutions provided as a bolus or freely available for "out to pasture" periods.