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Assurer l'avenir de son élevage

Management of dairy goats

Today the many objectives for dairy goats, which simultaneously lead to several actions to improve herd results, require precision. Various elements must be taken into consideration:

  • The career of a dairy goat is prepared from the earliest days of its life. The growth of female kids, managed by control of nutrition and also by good health conditions, is indispensable.
  • A well-managed age for the first kidding is essential to increase the quantity of milk produced per day of the animal's life.
  • Peri-partum management, preparation for kidding up to the first weeks of lactation all influence peak lactation and persistence.
  • Return to reproduction in good conditions.



Neolait solutions

Neolait offers various nutritional solutions to cover all production phases:

  • The Forti-Phyt™ Programme for Female Kids: a complex to support the growth of female kids even in difficult conditions, which comes as various feeds or nutritional supplements such as Neomilk™, Polyd’Or™, Polytonal™.
  • A range of mineral feeds to meet the needs of the various production phases depending on the farmers' objectives: Turbomix™, Féro-Phosphat™, Neomix™, Promix™.
  • Neobloc™: freely available mineral and trace element supplementation solutions.
  • Garolax™: an essential energy solution for the start of production
  • Néolysa™: relaunch of ingestion and a liver protector.
  • Milking hygiene is a major pillar in controlling milk quality, particularly the cell count.