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Manage hoof care better

A global approach for a first class result

ONGLONS+ is a global approach for controlling and preventing lameness in animal husbandry.

The developed approach is based on mastering 4 major pillars that are also Neolait's fields of expertise: 

1- Nutrition (controlling acidosis with Neomix™, ration balancing with the Néopro™ software, etc.)

2- Improving the quality of the horn (Biotin, Zinc, etc.) using Dietevit™ minerals and boluses

3- Controlling the building environment (Durak™ disinfectant, Clarex™ drainer)

4- Hoof care and disinfection using biocidal products (Stérifeet™)


Innovation helps breeders progress


This innovative, multifactorial approach enables farmers to have maximum control over lameness problems. This protocol, combined with regular trimming, gives excellent results on farms.