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Preserve quality to save money

Milking hygiene is a key aspect in guaranteeing milk quality. Neolait provides its expertise to farmers based on a complete range of hygiene products.

3 Neolait commitments for your peace of mind:

Cleaning milking plants

The Clarex™ range provides detergency suitable for milking plants (milking parlours, robots, etc.). Clarex™ offers optimum disinfection and respects the integrity of each piece of equipment.

Teat hygiene

Foam, liquid, thick, film-forming, etc., all the expertise to support farmers. Starting by preparing the wash cloths (Steribac™, Neomizan™, etc.), followed by pre-milking disinfection (Hycolin™ Pre-post, etc.), and finishing with post-dipping (Mammizan™, Mammibio™, Hycolin™ range).

Neolait has a complete range that covers all farming practices.

Disinfection products meeting the requirements of the biocides Directives

Our disinfection products meet the European legislation (Biocides) guaranteeing products that are intended for veterinary hygiene (PT3). This legislation guarantees the efficacy of products, as well as their harmless nature for the environment and the user.