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Mineral range, to meet all your expectations


Nutritional expertise in support of farmers

Neolait's technical sales advisors, with 70 years of experience in minerals, offer you an accurate approach for your feed rations. With the help of the NEOPROTM software, feed ration software with international data and Neolait expertise, you will be able to confirm the choice of the mineral supplement that is best adapted to your farm and which meets your objectives.

A range of choices in accordance with your objectives

Since all problems vary depending on the herd and because you have specific objectives, Neolait offers a range of mineral feeds that meets all your needs.


Supplementing animals in maintenance or growth, searching for efficacy and performance, improving feed efficiency, there are 5 product ranges:

Néodiphos™: Giving minerals for maintenance

Turbomix™: Optimised mineralization

Féro-phosphat™: The mineralization concentrate

Néomix™: Safety and efficacy (mineral function)

Promix™ : Simplicity, practicality, efficacy (all-in-one mineral)

Tested and proven on ruminants

Noduline™, Neolait's patented expertise

As a result of a specific technological process and precise selection of raw materials, Neolait stands out by offering a complete range of mineral feeds in Noduline™. This presentation, which is unique on the market, provides the farmers with an ideal grain size giving regular, even distribution as well as a nutritional quality that provides highly available nutrients for ruminants.