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Milk replacer, the strength of our experience



With a 70 years experience in rearing young animals, Neolait is developing various ranges for rearing calves, kids and lambs in accordance with all our breeders' objectives.

Start well, to rear well


To build a herd it all comes down to rearing young animals successfully. Neolait therefore offers a range of products, combining performance and safety, with a selection of “high quality” milk raw materials and its unique expertise in formulation.

Neomilk™ range, our experts' response

  • Calves

Neomilk™ Evener SP - An ideal protein/fat ratio for rearing heifers

Neomilk™ Forti-Phyt™ - A milk protein-rich formula combined with the Forti-Phyt™ core

Neomilk™ Evolution - A reference on the feed market with milk powder

Neomilk™ Intégral - The advantages of milk powder combined with the Forti-Phyt™ core

Neomilk™ Label : A leading formula for “unweaned calves”


  • Lambs, kids

Neomilk™ Technic Agneaux-Chevreaux - A milk protein-rich formula combined with the Forti-Phyt™ core

Neomilk™ Ovicap - Safety resulting from a very high quality formulation




FORTI-PHYT™ is an exclusive nutritional core providing growth support in difficult conditions. It contains different sources of plant compounds, chelated iron, as well as a specific vitamin intake. Tests conducted on farms showed that the use of Forti-Phyt™ makes an 8% increase in growth possible compared with control batches.