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Nutritional boluses, a technical mixture  

A practical, technical and cost-effective method

The bolus is a nutritional solution that is becoming increasingly attractive to farmers. And with good reason, as it is a practical, technical and cost-effective way to mineralize the herd. In one single application, your requirements can be met, whether for a few hours or many months (depending on the formulas). The distribution guarantees a daily supply for each animal. Lastly, bolus saves time and prevents waste.

Dietevit™, Neolait expertise

Since 1992, Neolait has been marketing nutritional boluses and has established itself as the undisputed leader on the French and international market, with 1 bolus sold every minute. Neolait designs, manufactures, tests and recommends these boluses, through its Dietevit™ range, a true mass of expertise.

9 boluses address all farming issues

Dietevit™ is the biggest range on the market that fully complies with the nutritional objectives for cattle. Neolait's expertise allows for disintegration going from 1 hr 30 min to 250 days. The Dietevit™ range meets many objectives, for example, growth when out to pasture, drying off, lactation, etc.


Bolus is above all, control of the on-time diffusion and accuracy of intake. At Neolait, each Dietevit™ reference is subject to disintegration tests in laboratories, as well as in experiment stations. Their authentication is obtained on reference farms (weigh-ins, blood tests, etc.).