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Drinking water, a crucial factor in animal husbandry

An important quality in the farm’s success

Drinking water is the first “food” consumed by the animal. For a dairy cow producing 30 kg of milk, that means almost 120 litres of water consumed per day. In these conditions, its quality and availability must be first class.

Drinking water also represents an ideal medium for carrying and distributing essential minerals and supplements to the animals. In fact, as the animal adjusts its consumption to its needs, the intake of nutritional supplements is therefore continuously adjusted.



“A la carte” mineral liquid

The provision of important minerals, trace elements and vitamins is achieved via highly available soluble forms. Efficacy is therefore maximal and guaranteed. They are distributed via a dosing table (electric pumps). This automation of intakes saves time and makes the work easier.

Due to their unique composition Neolait products allow the farmer to reconstitute their own solution adapted to their feed ration.


A global approach: Nutrition - Disinfection.

The drinking water approach includes the provision of products distributed via the water system, and also solutions for disinfecting the drinking water (IDROFAST).


The water consumed by animals may contain many undesirable items (germs, etc.), some of which may cause serious repercussions (decline in production, abortions, etc.). Good bacteriological and physical and chemical quality of water is synonymous with performance, whatever the type of farm.