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Nutritional supplements, Neolait: French leader 


Solutions for all types of farms

Neolait, the market leader for nutritional solutions, develops different ranges to meet the requirements of modern farming. Farming performance is based on success in certain stages (dietary transition, reproduction, resistance, etc.). Specific nutritional intakes are necessary for each of these key stages.

Various ranges for different objectives

Whatever type of production (cattle, goats, sheep, etc.), there is a solution to help you improve your farming and thus boost your profits.

Dietevit™: Nutritional expertise on bolus (dry off, calving, growth, etc.)

Turbovit™, Polychoc™: Vitamin-based nutritional specialities for resistance and reproduction

Neolysa™: Optimization of liver and rumen functions 

Garolax™: Glucogenic agents to ensure the start of production

Young animals: References to help improve breeding young animals

Liquid minerals: Ongoing mineralization via the drinking water


                       Garolax DAC                 Lactaplus Forti phyt
Turbovit™ Total  Dietevit Prepavel


Results are monitored by our experts

For each of these ranges, our experts have focused, in the first place on the zootechnical results.

Our products are tested and the results are approved before being launched, and also in the field while making sure that our qualitative solutions guarantee complete satisfaction.


Choosing a Neolait nutritional solution always guarantees a developing composition based on our constant research for the best performance in farming, while complying with the legislation.