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A significant international presence


Neolait exports its expertise through its products in many geographical areas. A dedicated team supports distributors in their development and offers them all the company's innovations and services.

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The product's and services' offer

Our expertise is based around the various product ranges intended for animal nutrition:

  • Supplementary, dietetic and nutritional feeds for poultry and ruminants
  • Boluses for ruminants
  • Mineral feeds for ruminants
  • Hygiene products

Our poultry farming solutions

Our complete range of supplementary, dietetic and nutritional feeds for poultry meets the requirements of farmers perfectly with high quality products of proven efficacy that can be used in the drinking water. Our teams will support you in setting up a distribution programme and in starting this range.



Bolus: the patented Neolait solution

The bolus is a nutritional solution that is becoming increasingly attractive to farmers. With good reason, as it is a practical, technical and cost-effective way to provide the herd with essential nutritional elements. In a single application, requirements can be covered, whether for a few hours or many months (depending on the formulas). The controlled diffusion of boluses guarantees a daily intake for each animal. Finally, the bolus saves time and prevents waste. Today 9 boluses meet all farming problems.

Our nutritional solutions for ruminants

Our nutritional solutions serve several purposes: calving, reproduction and the resistance of animals, energy deficit and growth of young animals. Our expertise enables us to offer individual or collective solutions for each of these subjects. Neolait's expertise makes it the leader in designing and marketing of speciality products for ruminants. Our various departments (technical, commercial, laboratory) will listen to your needs to offer you the best nutritional solution.

Our hygiene products

Hygiene is a major pillar in guaranteeing production quality. Neolait provides its expertise based on a complete range of hygiene products.

  • Neolait solutions have been developed to guarantee good udder hygiene whether before, during, or after milking. So the range includes dipping products and detergents.
  • Neolait has developed Clarex® for pig production. It is a natural, biodegradable product to dry, sanitise and improve the comfort of newborn animals.



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