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Neolait has been established for more than 70 years and designs, manufactures and delivers animal nutrition and hygiene products directly in the field. Today, Neolait also offers a range which aims to improve the forage quality. Every year, 30,000 farmers (in France: 1 farmer in 3) place their trust in the quality of Neolait products. Every day the proximity of our technical and commercial advisers or specialists provides farmers with expert, analytical advice. There, they establish accurate diagnoses and give personalized advice about livestock farming. The constant search for creative, efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions makes Neolait the reference in farming in France and 67 countries.

Neolait, the French leader in mineral feed and nutritional supplements, is the partner of farmers who plan ahead where the performance and economic efficiency of their farm is concerned. 

Neolait, figures that speak volumes