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Our commitments as experts in Nutrition


The constant search for performance and innovations in farming

To suggest and produce effective concepts and products, and also to meet the expectations of farmers and in order to advance farming techniques, Neolait is constantly seeking efficient, innovative solutions.

Passion for quality, rewarded with many certifications

Routine tests and controls are carried out by our laboratory to guarantee the conformity of our products. Complete traceability is thus controlled and allows us to monitor the products from reception of the raw materials to the finished product. As a testament to good quality management, Neolait has received the best certifications, such as the ISO 9001 standard certificate, GMP certificate and the ECOCERT certificate.

Proximity in the field with our clients

With a sales force of 180 highly specialised technical sales advisors throughout France and 70 distributors in 67 countries, we have the resources to meet the expectations of our clients.

Service, advice, delivery, study of farming problems, summary of the results: they are all achieved on the farm working with the farmer. The technical sales advisors ensure the delivery of the products with their store vehicles, or trigger direct deliveries to the farm from our factories for larger quantities.


The relevance of our tests and recommendations

Farm audits – Personalized advice – Farming programmes – Nutritional supplements plan – Feed ration calculation.


Neolait has built solid and lasting relationships with their clients and suppliers based on trust and mutual interest.

As a result of its product quality, staff professionalism, expertise and experience Neolait is now one of the French leaders in mineral feed and nutritional supplements.

To be "Nutrition Experts" is to live farming and agriculture on a daily basis, as well as giving the right advice to farmers.