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From the milling industry to being one of the major French companies in the farming industry



Milk replacers, the origins of Neolait


Neolait was established on 1st February 1944, on the Moulin Neuf site in Trégueux (22), which until then had been used for milling activities. The first Neolait sales representatives on farms were therefore bakers.
Mr Paul GUILHEM, the founder, remained manager until 1972.

1950 - Neolait designs Milk Replacers, which helped to boost the image of the company and make it well known.

1964 - A new factory is built on the grounds of the Yffiniac (22) train station.

1970 - First stakeholder to launch mineral compounds in meal and nutritional specialties, Neolait guarantees their installation in all French farming regions.

1973 -  Neolait is acquired by the British pharmaceutical group BEECHAM Laboratories.


Number 1 in mineral feed

1989 - Neolait acquires a manufacturing unit for mineral feed and liquid feed in Baudrières, Bourgogne (71)

1992 - Neolait established itself once and for all as an expert in animal nutrition in France and abroad, and is committed to total quality management and company certification.
          - New mineral concept Turbomine™ and creation of Neolait nutritional standards in trace elements and vitamins.

1993 - First AFAQ Certification with regard to quality: ISO 9002 no. 1616
          -  Neolait joins the Eridania Beghin Say Group.

1994 - All 230 Neolait technical sales representatives are equipped with microcomputers, allowing them to provide customer follow up, billing, formulation, as well as communicate with the head office.

1999 - Neolait revolutionizes the mineral feed industry with a new concept called Noduline™, a unique presentation using an original particle size for which the company receives its first patent.

2000 - The company receives numerous distinctions:
           - For NODULINE™, among which are the "INEL D’OR" and "INNOV SPACE" awards, as well as the "CRISTAL DE L’INNOVATION" award for LYSAR RUMEN, a new feed concept with the aim of successfully breeding calves on whole milk by simplifying it.
           - International recognition through GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

2001 - Neolait is acquired by PROVIMI SA.

2002 - Neolait receives its ISO 9001 certification, Version 2000, No. 1993/1616 awarded by AFAQ.

From the soil to animals, meet all your requirements

2003 - A socially responsible company, Neolait creates an agronomic department: TERAVIE.
          - Neolait receives the "CRISTAL DE L’INNOVATION" award for Environment, for Neopro™: rationing software that allows the farmer to optimize the intake of minerals and trace elements in dairy cows by integrating various ration balancing criteria.
          - New bolus range and launch of Prepavel™. Patent for Neolysa™, a new digestion composition.
2006 - Neolait receives a patent for the manufacturing process and composition of boluses for controlled diffusion and extended action in ruminants.

2009 - Neolait receives a patent for a nutritional, antioxidant composition for ruminants.
2011 - Neolait is acquired by the Cargill Group. Paul Cuenca is the current Chairman of Neolait.
2013 - New bolus range and the launch of Dietevit™ Excell, bolus that allows for an extended intake of trace elements and vitamins.
 Laboratory: ISO 17025 standard and accreditation for mineral analysis by the ICP and for analysis of Vitamins A and E.