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Very hands-on process to ensure the highest quality 

As experts in animal nutrition, our commitment in a global quality policy is a priority which is divided into 3 stages.

Food safety

Neolait sets up all the necessary precautions into place to avoid health hazards:

  • Purchase of inputs according to detailed specifications from certified suppliers and whose quality services are monitored.
  • Routine controls of these inputs by the internal laboratory.
  • Safe and retained formulation for all products.
  • Controlled manufacturing processes, in particular by applying the HACCP method on all production lines. Scheduled controls of transfers between product batches, as well as the mixture homogeneity. 
  • Preventive maintenance for all production equipment.
  • Scheduled and recorded cleaning of work stations, storage rooms, infrastructures, etc.
  • Routine checks on all finished, manufactured product batches.
  • Storage of samples (inputs and finished products).
  • Traceability.
  • Control of documents and records at all the steps mentioned above.



Neolait guarantees the traceability and complete transparency of marketed products. 

  • A "barcode" identification on the raw materials entering the factory.
  • A computer record of all uses for a raw material.
  • A routine identification for all products manufactured by a barcode label.
  • Factory research documents:

                       - manufacturing reports recording all manufactured product batches.

                       - sample bank, enabling the saving of raw materials and finished products.

                       - file containing the laboratory analysis results.

  • Records of products sent to be loaded for delivery.
  • Records of sold products.

If a problem should occur, using all these elements Neolait will, for example, be able to recall a product batch or find all finished product batches manufactured with a raw material.


Our certifications

Meeting the needs of our good service to satisfy our customers the best we can quality is a great professional satisfaction. The acquisition of our certifications is proof of our commitment to do.

ISO 9001 certification.




GMP+ certificate which guarantees best practice in the Yffiniac factory and product health safety according to the GMP+ code.






BPAM/OQUALIM certificate which guarantees the good manufacturing practice in the Yffiniac factory.




ECOCERT certificate which guarantees the production and distribution of many products that can be used in Organic Farming, in accordance with the BIO specifications.



Neolait products are also referenced with productions that are affiliated to the AOC or Label Rouge quality policies.